Baseball Panorama

T-Ball (ages 5-7) Suggestions and Rules
  • Alternate boys and girls as much as possible for the batting line up.
  • Everyone bats. There are no outs in T-Ball.
  • Maybe before the beginning of the game have the kids run around the bases and call out what base number they touch.
  • Everyone shakes hands at the end of the game after the team cheer, usually at home plate.
  • Have fun. That's why we are here.
Junior (ages 8-12) Suggestions and Rules
  • At the beginning of the league, children will be given opportunity to play different positions, team positions may be set by the 3rd game.
  • All pitches should be underhand, just like slow-pitch. A coach or parent does the pitching for the Juniors.
  • Alternate boys and girls for the batting order if possible.
  • Each player gets a maximum of 5 pitches before the batting tee is used.
  • The ball must be hit before the runners can advance to the next base.
  • Overthrows: runners advance one base only, then the play is dead.
  • Play 3 outs, or a maximum of 5 runs before switching to field positions.
  • It doesn’t matter who wins or loses the game, it’s how you play. Make it fun, and everyone’s a winner.
  • Have fun. That’s why we’re here.
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