Baseball Panorama

Goals For Our Baseball League:
  • Good sportsmanship, fun - healthy competition, self-esteem builder, encouraging one another, team work, fair play, and learning to play softball.
  • Pray before & after each game (or designate someone)
    • The coaches set the ground rules with the umpire present so everyone is in agreement before play begins.
  • At the beginning of the league, Children will be given opportunity to play different positions, team positions may be set by the 3rd game.
  • On the first game night, the “Coaches Cards” will be distributed so that kids can get in touch with the team coach.
  • At the end of the game, the kids shake hands with the opposing team, usually at home plate.
  • Be patient: some parents may have to come from different fields.
  • The UMPIRE should be treated with respect. Be sure to teach this to your team.
NOTE: There are no bathrooms at the fields, so please be prepared for this slight inconvenience.

Parents Corner
  • Due to our contract with Parks, Recreation and Culture, there is “No Smoking or Alcohol” allowed on school grounds.
  • Be positive in your actions. The kids are watching you. Show your support to the coaches and encourage all the kids. We are here to have fun.
  • This League cannot happen without your help. Through being a volunteer coach, assistant coach, first aid attendant (if you have training), or an umpire you have the opportunity to touch the life of a child. Please consider being a volunteer and making a comment on the registration form.
RAINOUT - With the unpredictable weather in Abbotsford, we never know what’s going to happen. We will not make a cancellation until 4:00 pm, even if it’s been raining during the day. After 4:00 PM, you can call Sevenoaks Alliance Church 604-853-0757, or view updates on our Facebook page for possible cancellation information.
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